My husband tells me that it is really geeky to make a page for your pets and that true Geeks actually make fun of people who do this.  So Geeks of the world, fire away.  I am fair game because I can’t help myself...
About 18 years ago I adopted Hannah from the Humane Society, and she was my companion for most my adult life thus far.  After a long good life, we lost her early this July 2007.   It was unbearably sad and so in the same weekend, we adopted another homeless kitty in her honor (Rocky).   It was a busy month because we decided to get a second companion kitty, and now our home is filled with kitten-mischief.  
 So meet the newest additions to our family, click on links to see our favorite pics:
Geeky pets page
...It took a couple of weeks, but it looks like Rocky and Diego will be life-long buddies.