We decided that as social as Rocky is, he needed a companion.  Diego is an “Egyptian Mau” breed, one of the oldest cat breeds, and the only spotted domestic breed.  My husband tried to talk me into one of those exotic cross-breed cats that are closer to wildcats and climb all over everything....so this breed was our compromise.  We are really happy with our choice.  He does like to climb, including up our shoulders, but it is quite manageable.  
This breed is known to be quite shy upon initial meetings.   We only wanted one if it would interact with us upon first meeting.    Erich stopped at the breeder’s on the way home from a Seattle biz trip, and much to the breeder’s surprise, Erich was able to pet Diego upon first meeting.   So the fate was set, we believe that Diego picked us too.
He is a bit more shy than Rocky, but he loves to follow us around, so what more could we want?  These are pictures from his home with the breeder, but soon we’ll have our own: